SME Consultation

We inform with intent! E Consult

We inform with intent!

We initiate with insight!!

We unveil latent Ideas for the change you have always imagined

We consult for leveraging and motivating sole proprietorships (The Micro), The small, and medium businesses, offering a complete package of resources; from business conception, to incubation period, to grant or loans as startup, to ongoing advice, administrations and monitoring, networking and practical supports of expertise and professionalism, to scientific recommendations and applications, to software and technology provisions as well as other resources including researching on improvement strategies. We also offer Industry specific services: created to provide for the exchange of information, packaging, advertisement campaigns, strategic marketing and awards on SME Incubation office programs. Our incubation office awards include start-up award, renew award, take-off award and scale-up award. See details below to know how to participate

Start-up award: this award goes to students who have been through the start-up school program and got the best project award

Renew Award: Endocreators supports individuals/organizations who have their business ideas firmly rooted in delivering positive social change, green development projects, that are environmental friendly, and without negative effect on the global common resources, thereby yielding returns directly and indirectly to the local and international economies, societies and environment

Take-off Award: Endocreators provides resources to grass-root organization, we encourage and stimulate rural and community entrepreneurs, charging them with the spirit of self-help, dedication, determination, diligence and cooperation for a take-off and take-on towards development and keeping a common focus on environmental sustainability.

Scale-up Award: here we supports those with more established ventures to scale up; more so, we are more committed to developing an eco-system of support to make it easier for those that need help to find it

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Time: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Our Consultancy services include

  • Self education and personal development
  • NGOs Consultations
  • Technology Innovations and strategies
  • Legal consultations
  • Accounting and finances
  • Project management and administrations
  • International trade linkup


We constantly strategise towards creating a competitive advantage for our clients through innovative ideas and technologies. we help them identify, acquire or explore and maximise their hidden potentials and also the opportunities in the much integrated and interconnected global arena. Hence, we and our client can always keep a common focus of our environment, given reciprocities to every agent component of the society and making it safe and conducive for lives and properties through the provision of goods and services that are resilient and satisfactory