President Remarks

We have the mandate to rebuild our wasted cities and recreate our environment. Our Journey began since May, 2010 and the first official registration name “Endowment Recreators (Nigeria) Company” in February 2011. In 2016 the incorporation was transformed to Endocreators Consult Limited as a social Enterprise, consolidating our potential so as to serve our people to the best of our effort and become a leading solution creator in the social problems solving domain. 

We have pools of highly effective, initiative and inspired experts and professionals from all around the world. We are committed to re-creating our people's minds and the environment for absolute benefits. In our own view we believe that the future is here, because our yesterday was a subset of today and our today is definitely a function of tomorrow. This is why we are stepping in for a rescue, rebuilding again our wasted cities and as such preventing our future from further deterioration.

We are set to ensure with all possibilities a great future, by delivering today transformative and maximized products and services with not only present worth but also with future values and relevance. We are enthusiastically waiting to have you patronize us, and enjoy a maximized benefit; the solutions you have always imagined. Your success and satisfaction are our fulfillment. Please Stay With Us!!! Thank you


We constantly strategise towards creating a competitive advantage for our clients through innovative ideas and technologies. we help them identify, acquire or explore and maximise their hidden potentials and also the opportunities in the much integrated and interconnected global arena. Hence, we and our client can always keep a common focus of our environment, given reciprocities to every agent component of the society and making it safe and conducive for lives and properties through the provision of goods and services that are resilient and satisfactory